Your mobile scratchpad.

ScriptKit is a touchable programming environment for building simple mobile prototypes on iPad using native iOS UI components and social media APIs, available via an intuitive drag and drop interface.

ScriptKit is great for designers looking for a way to throw together simple interfaces using real iOS UI components and real data. ScriptKit can help you test new designs on a whole new level.
“This app eloquently solves many of the problems faced when trying to generate code on iPads. It makes making things fun and exploratory which is great for both beginners and seasoned pros!”
- Justin Edmund, product designer, Pinterest
Just learning to program? ScriptKit's integrated documentation and drag and drop example snippets help get you started. Never has programming been this easy.
“A way to build quick mobile prototypes is incredibly valuable for researchers. Extremely useful.”
- Manas Mittal, PhD candidate, UC Berkeley
Have a new API you want to test? Want to experiment with multi-device interaction? ScriptKit is a mobile prototyping platform for testing new ideas and existing functionality quickly for the mobile form factor.
“This is what writing code in the 21st century can look like. Elegant, well-crafted, and totally built for tablets. Awesome.”
- Dave Merrill, President, Sifteo


Never before has programming been so easy. ScriptKit is designed for touch and is optimized to help you go from idea to prototype in the shortest amount of time possible.

Easy to Learn

ScriptKit comes packed with examples to show you just what it can do, and to help get you started.


One line of code is all it takes to make shapes and images rotate and scale under your fingertips.


ScriptKit is a programming interface designed to prevent you from having to type as much as possible. Change parameters with a single finger.


Want to build an interface using the camera? No problem. Want to send data back and forth between two devices? Use the integrated Bonjour networking.

Built Using C4

ScriptKit takes advantage of the C4 creative coding framework for iOS. Because we have a passion for helping people make things, we contribute many of our changes back to the C4 community.